How it all started...

Once while traveling to New Orleans on behalf of a muckity-muck food conglomerate whose name I won’t mention because it might cost me under-paid, over-stressed executive happened on to a local dish called “N’awlins Shrimp”, and man, was it good!

On returning home, he got busy trying to duplicate the recipe. After months of research and several hundred hours in the kitchen (literally), the Ragin’ Cajun Sauce was born.

With this unique sauce in hand and a desire to simplify life, he moved back to Albuquerque...where he had grown up...and opened the trendy, hip, funky, fabulous restaurant in which you now sit.

The Concept...

The concept remains simple: serve the highest quality foods, with the most unique, fabulous tasting spicy sauces ever imagined! Further, I make a commitment to listen closely to our customers. Thus, our menu continues to expand. Many of my present dishes were once recommended by our most faithful customers! I want you to feel "at home" when visiting and I thank you for choosing Ragin’ Shrimp!


Nick Nellos, your host